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Friday, 1 January 2010

元日のスープ/Soupe de poisson on New Year's Day


Happy New Year!!
For a change, this time I am writing with Japanese first..


In Japan, there is a custom to eat soba, buckwheat noodles on New Year's Eve.  There are various theories to explain why we eat soba on this day: some say soba is a symbol of longevity (as it is long), and others say soba dough was used to collect gold dust, and is thus used as a symbol of wealth.
I wish I had the authentic Japanese soba noodles, but sadly I forgot to buy them.. so bought a "made in China soba noodles" (do they eat soba in China??) from a nearby supermarket..  it wasn't bad..



Although I made minimum effort to keep the Japanese tradition for New Year's Eve, I totally gave up for New Year's Day.  We have an elaborate and beautiful feast called "Osechi", but I didn't even think about making it (well, for this year..)
Instead, for dinner, we had Soupe de Poisson!


It all started when my parents-in-law came to London in November last year.  They brought us something called rouille, which is an accompaniment for fish soup.


This "Fish Soup" is basically Boullabaisse (or so they say).  It would be too much for an amateur to prepare, and apparently  you can buy it quite easily at supermarkets in France.  We found it at a fishmonger in our neighbourhood, so got one few weeks ago.


Here's how I presented it: as it should be, with thin slices of toasted baguette and Gruyère cheese, and rouille on the side.  Bon appetit!



Sadly, our expectation was not met.
It was mostly salty- and to our great disappointment, there was no richness, deepness of seafood.
Not sure if this is the limitation of ready-made fish soup, or if there are better ones.  It tasted very far from the Bouillabaisse I had in Marseilles.
The rouille was good though- maybe we should just eat this spread on a piece of bread..


  1. oh,, I wanna go there. It looks great.
    by the way, are you sure that the king was a hansome young man???

  2. Hello!!
    Thanks for the comment! Mmm, I think the best part of the soup was the cheese and rouille..

    I know, all the existing portrait of Henry VIII is not handsome in today's standard.. But apparently he was!