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Wednesday, 30 December 2009

Barcelona: Modernism & Barri Gotic

So it was the last day of our stay in Barcelona (at least for this time).  We thought about going to Casa Batllo, but we felt that we had already overdosed on Gaudi the day before.  We decided to simply gaze at this building from outside, and not go inside.  It is a very interesting building..


We just walked around the Eixample area that morning, admiring the buildings.  I am interested in architecture, but without really knowing much about it.  So we ended up just roaming, looking up, and occasionally taking pictures whenever we came across something amazing.  This happened approx. every 15 minutes.


Almost without realising, we did walk quite a lot.  ..we started feeling hungry, and realised that it was lunch time again. We decided to go back to Taller de Tapas, where we went on the second day.

ほとんど気づかないうちに、かなり歩いていました。お腹も空いてきて、あ、もうお昼だ...と気づいた感じでした。お昼はどこに行こうか迷ったのですが、二日目に行ったTaller de Tapas にまた行くことにしました。

On our fist visit, a few dishes were already finished (i.e. they ran out..).  So, we had a bit of re-match:

These were my first ever razor clams.  It was delicious - it tasted just like clam (not sure what I was expecting).  I loved the juice, which I mopped clean with my bread, of course.



Some lovely octopus, cooked to perfection.  It goes so well with fruity extra virgin olive oil...


We treated ourselves to some dessert this time.  We ordered fresh cheese with honey and pine nuts (apparently a typical Catalan dessert), and an almond cake (Torta de Santiago) that came with sweet wine called muscatel (which had a similar flavour to port wine).  They were both very good - the cheese was a bit like ricotta, very light, and milky rather than creamy.  What I liked about the almond cake was that it was very simple and had no "unnecessary additions"- such as almond flavouring.  I just enjoyed the rich nuttiness of almond and the fragrant sweet wine.   


We continued our stroll through the Gothic quarter and Born area, until the time we had to go back to the hotel to pick up our luggage.  (The hotel we stayed was very good -


... And we said Adios to Barcelona - to the beautiful buildings, to the warm sun, to the streets full of relaxed families enjoying their strolls, to the ever-eating Spaniards/Catalans, to the cheerful cervecerias and wonderful food that we enjoyed so much.
It was a truly lovely, relaxing, and fun-filled holiday.


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