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Monday, 21 December 2009

Hot Chocolate

Unlike yesterday, today was grey and wet.  Nothing beats winter blues like hot chocolate, so I made some (actually, the truth is, that I had some single cream left-over that I had to use..).
I have two favourite hot chocolate recipes: one is quick, easy and light.  The other is a bit complicated but rich and thick.  The one I made today was the latter.


There is a lovely hot chocolate recipe in a book called "The Chocolate Connoisseur".  It is a wonderful book written by a lady called Chloé Doutre-Roussel, who used to be the chocolate buyer at Fortnum & Mason.  I think her recipe is very nice, but.. I changed it a bit, and here is my own version:

Chloé Doutre-Roussel という女性が書いた、"The Chocolate Connoisseur"という本があります。彼女は、もともとフォートナム&メイソンのチョコレートのバイヤーをしていた女性で、チョコレートのことを知るにはうってつけの本です。この本においしいココアのレシピが載っているのですが、それにちょっと私のアレンジを加えたのが、以下のレシピです。

50g Good quality chocolate (70% cacao)
200ml milk
50ml single cream
2 Tablespoon good quality cocoa powder
Tiny tiny bit of salt
one sprinkle of cinnamon

1. Grate or chop chocolate finely.
2. Put cocoa in a small sauce pan, and add small amount of milk.  Make a smooth paste over a low heat.  Add the rest of milk and cream, and mix well.
3. Add salt and cinnamon.
4. Heat the milk until just before boiling, and add the chocolate.  Melt completely.
5. Now it's ready to serve!

ダークチョコレート (カカオ70%、人工香料無添加のもの) 50g
牛乳 200ml
生クリーム (植物性油脂でないもの) 50ml  
ココア 大匙2
塩 ほんのひとつまみ
シナモン ひとふり

1. チョコレートを細かく刻むか、おろし金でおろす
5. 出来上がり!いただきまーす

Since this hot chocolate is so thick, I like to serve it in a demitasse cup, and just have a small quantity.  It is rather bitter, as I don't add any sugar during the preparation.  This way, whoever is drinking can adjust the sweetness themselves.  Personally I quite like adding a little teaspoonful of demerara sugar.
The original recipe uses full-fat milk, and less cream, but since I only stock semi-skimmed milk at home, I increase the proportion of single cream.  I like the hint of cinnamon, but keep it to a level that you almost cannot recognise.  Sometimes I also add a little rind of orange..
Chloé also says (among other things..) you should leave it for at least an hour before serving at room temperature, and leaving for about six hours would be the best, as the flavour matures.  I do agree, but normally I am not so well-organised, that I just drink it straight away.  It is still good!



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