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Friday, 25 December 2009

Christmas Dinner  Part 2

For dessert,  we started with cheese.  We bought some beautifully stinky melting chevre from the Pyrenees and also a very deep-flavoured Beaufort from this lovely cheese shop, La Cave ( ).  We then had chocolate roulade.

デザートには、まず「芳香」の漂うピレネー産のシェーヴルと深い味わいのボーフォールを楽しみました。ロンドン市内になるLa Cave というチーズ屋さんで購入したものです(。続いて、チョコロールケーキ。

Roulade, or a rolled cake has been in fashion for a while in Japan, apparently.  This time I made it with chocolate sponge, but I am also fond of the very simple, plain sponge roll with just fresh cream (and no jam..).
The key to make successful roulade is to have the right recipe for the right size of tray - well, my "log" was longer than the one on my recipe book, so I nearly ran out of cream for coating...
I used strawberries from Egypt- which did pain my conscience a bit.  So completely out of season!  However, interesting fact that they grow strawberries in Egypt in winter (in greenhouses, I guess).


The traditional dessert for Christmas in my husband's home country is creamed rice, or ris a'lamande, served with cherry sauce.  It is actually very nice, and though it still sounds contradictory and almost a lie when it comes out from a Japanese woman's mouth (rice sweetened and cooked in cream...!) - I like it.
I debated with myself and my husband, whether I should prepare it or not, but since the roulade was on the list for a while, and since we will be travelling soon after Christmas, we decided not to make it this year.
Perhaps next year, as my mother-in-law has kindly sent me the recipe.

So, I hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas!!



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