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Sunday, 27 December 2009

Barcelona: La Rambla and La Boqueria

It's been a while since I updated.. so, a bit of catch up (as I write this in Jan)..


We went to Barcelona from the 27th, staying four days.
It was my second visit- I went there backpacking with my sister more than 10 years ago.  I clearly remember how bright the sun was despite the time of the year, which was February.  This time in December it was again very warm and sunny, at least most of the time.


On the first day, we walked down La Rambla, the busiest street in Barcelona.  There were many strange-looking (at least to our eyes) street performers.  Many of them stood still, allowing you to take pictures with them, for a few coins.


On La Rambla, there is a great food market known as La Boqueria, or more correctly, Mercat de Sant Josep.  It is a great market, with lots of colourful and yummy looking food.  It was very busy - perhaps half of the people there were tourists...
Here are some shots to give you a taste of it!


Great meat shop- the butcher guy was slicing some of the cured meat, which was hung from the ceiling.  The hams were surprisingly pricey, but I guess it suggests how much care and effort have been put into them.


Colourful chillies.. though, interestingly we didn't come across any spicy dishes while we were in Barcelona.  Anyway, great colours.


Lovely mushrooms - as they were in season we did see quite a lot of mushroom dishes as "special of the day" at restaurants.  This wacky mushroom had green spots.. and looked slightly scary.


At the end of La Rambla, you get to the harbour, where you see the statue of Christopher Columbus.  It was a very clear day so lots of people were enjoying a stroll.  I think it is really lovely to live in a city that has an easy access to the sea.


Since we had an early start from London, we decided to have an early dinner, so that we could go to bed not too late.  The restaurant we went to was called Ciudad Comtal (or Ciutat Comtal in Catalan) , which was too full at lunch time to even get inside.  We ordered several dishes of Tapas - and the winner of this evening was flauta, kind of a sandwich using a thin "flute" baguette.

向かったレストランは、Ciuditat Comtal というところ。ホテルの人の紹介でしたが、お昼に行ったら中に入ることも出来ないくらい、混んでいたのです。

The filling was roasted red pepper, roasted aubergine and anchovies.  The bread was so crunchy and thin, and the texture worked beautifully.  I feel that I rediscovered my love for anchovies during this trip: with this flauta, the sharp saltiness of anchovy made an excellent combination with the slightly acidic red pepper, and creamy, sweet aubergine.  Aaaah.  I think I will keep on dreaming about this flauta for the rest of my life.


I asked for tea at the end of the meal.  Just said "tea", and green tea was brought..  The teabag was so cute/ funny, that I wanted to share it with you here (the tea itself wasn't bad, by the way)


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