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Thursday, 10 February 2011

Event & tea at Sketch/ Sketch でのイベント

Today my friend Momo and I went to a pastry related event, which was held at Sketch.  It was a launch event for a company called PCB (organised by Classic Fine Foods & partnership? with Valrhona), which produces all sorts of ready-made pastry "parts".  They were very creative, almost wacky, and some very beautiful.  Please visit the Pastry Network Website to see all the photos I have taken at the event.

After an exciting browse in the event area where there is normally a restaurant, we went to The Parlour to have tea and cake.  Being a big chestnut lover, I ordered a mont blanc, and Momo ordered some petit fours.

This is what was brought to her.

Nice.  Dainty.

This is what I got.

A bomb.

The base was a biscuit, then a meringue half-dome filled with cream and blackberry (I think) jelly, and topped with piped out chestnut cream.  It was not bad - I did enjoy the harmony of light meringue and chestnut, but...  it simply was too much.

This basically was our lunch.  But when I arrived home, I was feeling slightly sick from the sugar and cream I had taken.  Until dinner time, I carried on drinking Japanese hoji-cha, hoping that it would cleanse my body.

In Japan, we say "too much is as bad as not enough"... I reminded that this saying was so true.

。O  。O  。O  。O 。

今日は、パティシエである友人のMomo と一緒に、お菓子のイベントに行ってきました。会場はSketch
イベントは、PCB という会社のイギリス進出に際してのもので、Classic Fine Foods とヴァローナも携わっていました。
PCB は、実にさまざまなお菓子の「パーツ」ともいうべきものを作っています。食べものとは信じられないようなものも多く、斬新なアイディアが一杯でした。興味のある人は、会場の写真をアップしてあるので、Pastry Network のサイトをご覧ください。

会場を見学したあと、Sketch の中にあるパーラーというティールームに行きました。こちらのケーキは、定評があります。
Momo はプチ・フール2種を選び、私は栗が大好きなので、モンブランを頼むことにしました。

こちらが、Momo のカヌレとマドレーヌ。







Wednesday, 9 February 2011

Marmalade Pudding/ マーマレードのプディング

I need to consume more marmalade.  I still have about seven jars of home-made marmalade (and three jars of plum jam too).

So, Project Marmalade No. 2.
I came across this recipe while I was browsing the web: Lord Randall's Pudding.  As it asked for 150g of marmalade, I decided to give it a go.

After one hour and 40 minutes of steaming, what I got was this.  Thank god puddings are served upside down.

I had marmalade and whole dried apricots (the two key ingredients for this pudding) on the bottom of pudding basin, so was hoping to see a nice glossy sunshine-colour on the top when I turn out the pudding.

...Well, the bottom didn't look much prettier than the bottom, I'm afraid.  But, let's face it, puddings are never eaten for their aesthetic qualities, but for their taste (I believe).

I served it with some home-made custard.  It was very moist, and quite sweet.  My recommendation would be to reduce the sugar by at least 30g.
Apricots added nice texture and a fruity flavour, and so did my chunky marmalade.  I am more a fan of thin-cut marmalade when eating it with toast, but for this pudding a thick-cut one would be more suitable.

Thanks to Wikipedia, I learned that "Lord Randall" is the title of a ballad.
However, the reason why this pudding was named after him still remains a mystery...

。O 。O 。O 。O 。O 。O 。


ウェブで、「ランドール爵のプディング (Lord Randall's Pudding)」というプディングのレシピを見つけました。これを一つ作れば、150g ものマーマレードが消費出来ます。これはいい ♪






ウィキペディアのおかげで、Lord Randall というのは詩のタイトルであることが分かりました。

Saturday, 5 February 2011

Little India in London/ ロンドンのリトル・インディア

We made a little excursion today - though it was still within London (wherever we need to take an overground train it is considered an "excursion").  Well, when we arrived at the destination, it made me wonder if we were really in London..

So, Southall, or Little India.
We have once been to India to attend our good friends' wedding, and had a really interesting, great experience.  We have always wanted to go back again, but it's quite far - so we decided to try our nearest India.

In Southall, you can have a pint or two and pay with Rupees..

and buy beautiful saris...

..and sip a cup of Kashmiri Tea! (missed the opportunity to taste it though)

Well, our main objective coming here was the food.
We saw a video about a restaurant called Rita's, and wanted to try their Pani Puri, a typical Indian snack.  
It's a hollow pastry that you make a hole in the top of and fill with tamarind + chick pea and jaljeera water (spicy liquid..).  Then you pop the whole thing in your mouth.

In the video, the maestro pani puri maker says "Pani puri tastes like your first kiss".
I'm not sure if anyone's first kiss is tangy and spicy, but anyway, it was yummy.

On our way back to the station, we came across some stalls selling deep-fried sweets called jalebi.
I loved watching this sweet being made.  You pipe out a strand of dough into hot oil, creating a beautiful scroll.  Once it's golden in colour, it is dipped in a syrup, and dried.

We bought a couple (we saw a man buying loads before us) to try.  It was crunchy, and the hollow "tube" was oozing with sweet syrup.  Unfortunately we couldn't finish them - a bit too sweet for us, though it tasted good.

Our journey from home to Southall took more than an hour.  It may be a rather long journey just to fetch some snacks..  But, we concluded that it was worth it, and surely the trip was closer, shorter and cheaper than flying to Mumbai.

。O 。O 。O 。O 。O 。



このSouthall という、ロンドン中心部からかなり東に行ったエリアは、インド系の人たちが多く住む場所で、別名リトル・インディアとも言われているのだとか。





インドはストリートフードがいろいろとあるのですが、そのひとつである Pani Puri を作るビデオを数週間前に見て、その Rita's というお店行ってみたいね、と話していたのです。





Southall までは、家から片道1時間以上。

Thursday, 3 February 2011

Marmalade sablée/ マーマレードサブレ

I have been quite crazy about marmalade making lately, as now is the season for Seville oranges.  Before I realised, my kitchen was full of marmalade jars...
In order to consume part of the stock (while also eating with toast and with yoghurt), I decided to bake some marmalade sablée.

Here's the recipe.

Ingredients(makes about 25):
Unsalted butter, room temperature  100g
Grated rind of one orange (organic or non-waxed)
Sugar  30g
Marmalade  30g  (chop the orange peel if too chunky)
Egg yolk  1
Soft flour 180g
Baking Powder  1/4 teaspoon
Salt  a pinch

1.  Cream the butter using a whisk, and add grated orange rind and sugar in three inclusions.  Mix well.
2.  When the butter is light and fluffy, add the marmalade and mix well.  Follow with the egg yolk.
3.  Mix the dry ingredients and sieve them together.  Using a wooden or rubber spatula, fold in the dry mixture to the butter in three inclusions.  Don't over mix.  Scrape the side, so that you have all the flour mixed into the dough.
4.  Now using your hand, bring it together to form a ball that is even in consistency.  Form two cylinders or square bars, wrap in a cling film and rest in fridge for 1 hour (alternatively you can keep this in a freezer to bake at your convenience).
5.  Heat the oven to 170c.  Take out the dough, and roll it in granulated sugar to coat the side.  Cut the dough in 4mm slices, and arrange them on a baking tray.

6.  Bake in the oven for 8 minutes, take the tray out, turn and put it back in the oven (to bake evenly).  Bake for a further 8 minutes or until slightly golden brown around the edge.
7.  Take the sablées out and cool them on a wire rack.  Keep them in an air-tight container, and eat within 5 days.

You may think they lack a bit of sweetness, but I like it this way.  I don't want to have a cookie that I feel, "Oh, one is enough!", but rather want to feel "Hmmm, I want some more".

Along with rhubarb recipes, I am looking for more ways to consume marmalade.. (as this recipe uses only two tablespoonfuls!)
Again, any ideas??

。0 。0 。0 。0 。0 。



グラニュー糖  30g
マーマレード(皮が大き目・長めのものは刻む) 30g
卵黄 1個分
薄力粉  180g
ベーキングパウダー 小さじ1/4
塩 一つまみ

5.オーブンを170度に温める。生地を取り出し、グラニュー糖を押しつけるようにしてまぶす。4mm ほどの厚さにスライスして、トレイに並べる。

6. オーブンで8分焼いたら一度取り出し、トレイの向きを変えて(均一に焼きあげるため)再度8分焼く。ふちが薄めのキツネ色になったら焼き上がり。
7.  サブレを取り出し、網などの上で冷ます。密閉容器などに入れて保存のこと。5日以内に食べきったほうがいい。