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Tuesday, 22 December 2009

KARINTO - 愛しのかりんとう

This was my teatime treat today..  I know it looks slightly scary, but they are a typical Japanese teatime snack called "Karinto".  I am not sure what it means or what the origin is.. I looked it up on Wikipedia, but even that had several theories, none of which seemed definitive.  The English description is pretty unsexy- it basically is deep-fried dough coated in brown sugar glaze (there are ones with honey and refined sugar too).


What I love about this humble sweet is the sensational texture- the crunch that is not too hard, and not too light, and the feeling of dark brown sugar breaking in small pieces under the pressure of your teeth.  Then comes the aroma of sesame, while you savour the rich, almost caramelly sweetness of the dark brown sugar.  Aaahh.  Whoever invented this was a genius.

I had my Karinto with a cup of Japanese green tea - a marriage made in heaven!



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