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Monday, 28 December 2009

Barcelona: Churches and seaside

On the 2nd day, we went to the Cathedral, just off La Rambla.  The area, which is called the "Barri Gotic" is very picturesque.  The area is "Gothic", but apparently the building itself was completed in the early 20th century.
Inside the Cathedral was surprisingly busy, with most of the visitors being tourists (you could tell because of their cameras).


We then moved on to the seaside for lunch.  We had made a reservation at a restaurant called Aqua (, which was recommended by a good friend.
We ordered Paella with artichokes, squid and prawns, and fideua.  Fideua is like paella, but uses short cappellini instead of rice.  Both were very good.  They both had the deep, rich flavour of seafood.  The serving was very copious, so we had to skip dessert...


We then took a walk along the seaside, to help digest the big lunch we just had.  The weather stayed dry and warm, but the sun was hidden by the clouds..  We took a metro back to the city centre.


We then headed over to Basilica de Santa Maria del Mar.  It was a surprisingly airy church- perhaps because the chapels did not have any "gate", it made it look so open.  According to our guidebook, it took only 55 years to build, and is built in Catalan Gothic style.  I liked it very much.


Now, fast-forward to dinner.
We decided to go for another Tapas dinner, as you can easily regulate the quantity you are eating.  We went to another restaurant recommended by our friend (she gave us a list of restaurants to go), called Taller de Tapas.  It was nicely lit with festive little lights, and we could tell that it was a popular place for tourists, as well as locals.

食べる量を調整しやすいので(お昼が重かったから…)、またタパスのお店に行くことにしました。Taller de Tapas というお店で、こちらもAqua を紹介してくれたのと同じ友達が教えてくれた場所です(彼女が「バルセロナのレストランリスト」を作ってくれたので、もっぱらそれに頼りました。感謝)。

My favourite that night was chorizo cooked with asturias cider.  I have had chorizo so many times, but this was by far the best.  It almost crumbles in your mouth - so soft and tender, and full of flavours.  We dipped our breads and soaked up the lovely juices too.


At the end of the meal, I ordered tea again- and guess what?  This time, rooibos tea arrived.
It didn't matter, and I liked the tea, but I wonder if they ever drink English tea in Spain.  What is the most common tea??
I know, you might say who cares, when they make such great coffee..!

「お茶」って言った場合、何のお茶が一番一般的なんでしょう ?(←普通、ヨーロッパでは紅茶)ちょっと疑問。


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