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Wednesday, 23 December 2009

Good bye, St Alban..

We went to St Alban, which was one of our favourite restaurants in London.  Sadly, they are closing on the 24th Dec, so this was our last visit.. sniff..
We always enjoyed their paella, which within my limited experience, is one of the best I have tasted.  I do not know how authentic it is, but chorizo works fantastically with the beautiful flavours of seafood- which is cooked to perfection.  We had beautiful prawns, nice baby squids and plump mussels suffused with the lovely aroma of saffron and garlic, lying in the bed of creamy rice.
The portion was more than generous; when you order two portions (both my husband and I ordered the Paella) they bring a huge bowl and serve it in front of you.  What we loved about this restaurant was not only the food, which was great, but the friendly service and their consistent attention to detail.

この日はSt Alban というお気に入りのレストランに行きました。24日で閉店してしまうということだったので、とっても残念なことに、これが最後の晩餐です..(涙)

I was soooo stuffed, but decided to have dessert- and ordered my favourte: Tarte Tatin.  I think this was one of the best I have ever had- I had so many in Paris, but I liked their version very much.  Crispy and crunchy crust with sufficient saltiness, deep flavour of caramel and nice acidity of apple all in one.  Melting vanilla ice cream on the side.  Heaven.


We had a decaf - and look, this is what we liked about them.  Petit fours and coffee served in Georg Jensen's "duck" flask.  And, their pricing was reasonable.  From table cloth to candle stand to their ultra-chic toilets, I really liked this restaurant..  


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