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Thursday, 28 January 2010

Devon & Cornwall 2:Surf and Turf and Clotted Cream/ 偏食グルメツアー続行

The second day of our journey..
We started with a good breakfast - there were many choices, but Miss Photographer and I went for kipper fillet with poached egg, while M. Editor ordered porridge.

  • I don't know when I'm going to have lunch - I want to have something substantial
  • I DO KNOW that I will have lots of carb and sugar today - I want to have savoury protein-rich breakfast
.. were the thoughts that I went through my mind.
Little did I know what awaited me.

When we finished the breakfast, we set off to the town of Padstow, to visit Chough's Bakery.
There, they were baking their award-winning pasties, and a wonderful aroma filled the entire shop, as we walked in.  Even after such a hearty breakfast, it made my mouth water.

So, we couldn't say NO, when Elaine, the shop owner offered us three small (yeah, small..) pasties.  We ate them in the car - just an hour after our breakfast.
We then visited the factory where the Bakery bake their saffron bread, and tasted their scones - needless to say, with lots of clotted cream and jam.  We decided that our lunch was already finished, by 9.30 am.

We then headed over to a small farm called Hellsett Farm.  They make ice cream, yoghurt, and clotted cream, all organic.  It was fascinating to see how clotted cream is made.  I just love seeing things being produced (especially food).
They kindly gave us some freshly-made clotted cream and drinking yoghurt (yummy), and we moved on to our next destination.

Our final stop that day was Charlotte's Tea Room in Truro.  Charlotte's is a Victorian-style tearoom, old-fashioned but in an elegant way.  We tried another scone with clotted cream and jam..  well, it was only our third scone in two days.

When we got to the B&B after Charlotte's, we discussed where we should go for dinner, and M. Editor said he wanted to go back to Padstow, to try the Fish & Chips at Rick Stein's chippy.  He recently learned how to make "professional" fish & chips, and wanted to try Rick Stein's.  So, we drove for about 45min back to the seaside town of Padstow.

This was what it looked like..

It was good.  I had cod, and I think it was the best fish & chips I have ever had (not that I have tried that many in my life though).  I could tell that the cod was fresh and good quality, but M. Editor was not too satisfied with the chips, and said his own were better.

So, on day two, I had two meals consisting of fish, and one with meat, and even had sweet treats... I shouldn't complain..  or should I...



  • いつお昼が食べられるか分からない→ ちゃんとしっかりと朝ごはんを食べとかないと
  • 炭水化物・糖分過多は必須 → 糖分は控えて、たんぱく質を摂っておかなきゃ










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