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Monday, 25 January 2010

Tea at Lanesborough/ レーンズボローホテルでアフタヌーン・ティー

Today, I went to have afternoon tea at The Lanesborough Hotel with my good friend, Momo.  We studied at Cordon Bleu together, and she is.. the pastry chef at Berkeley Hotel who makes the world-famous (I'm sure I can say this) Pret-a-Portea.

It was fun to have afternoon tea with someone who shares the same kind of passion - i.e. someone who wouldn't mind breaking down all the pastries in pieces trying to identify whether the "berry-ish stuff" is blueberry, cherry or black currant, and asking for more pastries.  Chatting with your girl friend, listening to the piano in the beautiful room..  It really was fun.

We ordered Afternoon Blend and Breakfast blend, and after a short while, the pre-dessert (apricot compote with milk chocolate ganache)  arrived, followed by the three-tiered stand.  From the bottom: sandwiches and quiche, butter cakes in the middle, and small pastries on the top.  Yum.

These are their scones.  Small, light, crusty, melt-in-the-mouth.  Love it.

I liked that the scones come with lemon curd, as well as with strawberry jam.  I really enjoy the tang of lemon curd, which cuts the richness of the clotted cream.  Strawberry jam is the classic match, but I like this twist.

I think my favourite was the petit mont-blanc, which was using half (or one) macaroon.  It was very delicate and cute, and tasted very nice too.  The other patisseries were all very delicate, inventive and creative- I have met the pastry chef, Tal, and I can tell that she is a very talented patissiere!

At The Lanesborough afternoon tea is served only from 4pm. I felt it was rather late, and also short, as it only runs until 6pm.  However, at least I could use my time rather efficiently that way.  The only thing is that you get really hungry, so it is difficult to skip lunch, and of course you'll end up skipping dinner!  I just had salad this evening.. 

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今日はコルドン・ブルーで同級生だった、Momo とレーンズボロー・ホテルでアフタヌーン・ティーを楽しんできました。
Momo は、あの有名な(!)バークレイ・ホテルのアフタヌーン・ティー、「プレタ・ポルティー」を手がけているパティシエです。同じ情熱というかこだわりというか、を持つ相手とアフタヌーン・ティーに行くのは楽しいものです。二人で思う存分、ケーキをつついて材料やら構造やらを分析しました。「このゼリーはチェリーか、ブルーベリーか、それともカシスか?」とか言いながら。追加もたくさんお願いしてしまいました。






  1. Nice photos! i wish i could fly there right away :-)

  2. Hi Wanderer! Thanks for your comments. They tasted as good as they looked!