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Friday, 29 January 2010

Devon & Cornwall 3: The end of the road trip/ 減速最終日

When we woke up in the morning, it was dark, wet and windy outside.  Our B&B was in Truro, and the owner lady told us that it would be blustery in Lizard, where we were going to go.  Brrrr.

However, we set off to Lizard - towards the end of the peninsula.  We were visiting Gwavas Jersey Farm, where they make clotted cream and milk.  I was expecting to see something a bit more automated than the previous day's farm, but I was wrong.  At Gwavas, they make clotted cream in an even more traditional way.

Here are the young cows- they were so cute!  The grown ones looked indifferent to people, but the babies were curious, and loved to come and lick our hands.

(I have a restriction to what I can show- since what will be in the magazine article cannot be posted here before the next issue comes out.  That's why I cannot post the photos of the clotted cream making.  sorry!!)

We then headed back to Exeter.  The drive was pretty long, and we didn't have time to stop for lunch.  It actually felt almost good to starve myself a bit, after overstuffing myself with cream and sugar for two days.

At one point, we stopped at a farm shop, where I saw some cute piggies..

I sometimes dream of having a little pig for a pet, but perhaps that will be the day I will never touch bacon or sausages again.  Not sure if I have the strength of will (yet).

We then carried on to Exeter, went back to Georgian Tearoom and had quick lunch at 3pm.  I had vegetable soup: anything veggy sounded good.  I must have been having 1/10 of my normal vegetable intake during  these three days.

We then headed for the station - where we nearly missed the train, but caught it just in time by running... Phew!

That night, I had a near-vegetarian dinner from our neighbouring Lebanese restaurant.  It felt soooo good..












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