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Tuesday, 12 January 2010

Egerton House Hotel/ エジャトン・ハウス・ホテルで取材


Today, I went to Egerton House Hotel  to assist with an interview and photo session, for a Japanese magazine.  We came to write about their afternoon tea.

This was the first time that I work with this magazine, but I have been to this hotel before, for another magazine.  It is such a lovely hotel - and the staff are all very nice.  Since I had such a good impression from the first time, I recommended it to this magazine, and so here I was back again.. happily.

What is special about Egerton's afternoon tea is that the setting is so comfortable, and makes you feel at home.  Sometimes the posh, over-elegant afternoon tea at big hotels is a bit too much.  Here, they serve afternoon tea all through the afternoon at the time you want (reservation required!), and you can stay as long as you wish.  Taking a seat by the fire, or by the window, it makes you feel like you have been invited to a good friend's home for tea..
(No, I am NOT being paid by them to write this!!!)


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