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Sunday, 17 January 2010

Madly in love with rhubarb/ 熱愛ルバーブ

Since I started writing this blog, I realised that I have more "obsessions" than I thought...
And rhubarb is definitely one of them.

This is forced rhubarb from Yorkshire, which is grown in the dark- and harvested by candle light.

I used to think that rhubarb was a summer thing (vegetable, strictly speaking).  Then after a while, I realised that there was something called "forced rhubarb" that starts appearing from early spring.  They are pink- not like the summer ones that are slightly red towards the root, and mainly green.

And, there is also ruby-red rhubarb.  Just like asparagus, apparently rhubarb gets green when the stems are exposed to sunlight.  One day, someone found out that rhubarb that grew under the chimney pot left up-side-down was very red, tender, and tasted less acidic.  That is how they came to start growing rhubarb in the dark.

I really really love this rhubarb.  When I see it in the market at the beginning of the season, ..  I HAVE TO HAVE IT.

It is so brightly red that you almost cannot believe that it is a natural colour.  Your disbelief grows even more when you cook it- it becomes electric pink..

This is my home-made forced rhubarb jam- which we enjoy with yoghurt.  It looks like this...  quite spooky.. very inedible-looking, I must say..

BUT, it is really good!!

Great info on forced rhubarb in Yorkshire..  I don't mind paying a premium price for something as special as this..

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英語ですが、促成ルバーブに興味のある方はこちらを ↓↓

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