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Friday, 30 July 2010

Serpentine Gallery Pavilion 2010/ サーペンタイン・ギャラリー 夏のパビリオン

Serpentine Gallery is a very small gallery, located inside Kensington Gardens.
Every summer, there is an architectural exhibition at this gallery, taking advantage of the space - though the gallery itself has limited space inside the building, Kesington Gardens has lots of space!

This year's exhibition was this.. red.. roofed terrace café.. not sure this is the right description though.

The building was designed by Jean Nouvel.  In the video, the architect says that London is characteristically "red" (eg. double decker, telephone booths..), and he thought of this bright colour, standing in the middle of a green park.  The effect is clear - it really stands out, and is almost blinding.  Everything here is red- even the fridges in the café!

I like the openness and the airiness of the pavilion, and the way it invites people in.  There are hammocks and pin-pong table too..

There are small funny tricks here and there that you discover as you go inside and sit down.
I look forward to going back, next time maybe to sit on one of the cushions on the floor, and read my book, feeling the breeze..

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