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Saturday, 24 July 2010

ボロー・マーケット/Borough Market






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We went to Borough Market this morning.
Our objective was coffee and cherries - we were after yellow cherries.  There must be some yellow ones that are produced in the UK, or at least somewhere in the EU?  We thought we would have a chance of finding them, if we went to Borough Market.  In Japan, we normally have yellow cherries, so I think there is a bit of a nostalgic element for me.

So, first to Monmouth Coffee.  Anyone who claims him/herself a coffee lover in London must know this shop.     Their main shop is in Covent Garden, but this branch has got a bigger seating area, and felt more airy and comfortable.

We had takeaway coffees, and enjoyed them with home-made madeleines..
The one with heart-shaped coffee art is cafe au lait, and the one that looks like a leaf is caffe latte.

We then walked around in the market, looking for the yellow cherries, ... but we didn't find any :(

So, in the end, we only fulfilled our coffee objective, however, it was still nice and pleasant to get up early on a Saturday morning, and walk around the food market.  It was a very pleasant day too, and we left the place before it got too crowded with tourists.

Well, seems we have to wait another year to have yellow cherries...

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