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Tuesday, 6 July 2010

Peach and almond tart/ 桃とアーモンドクリームのタルト

I knew I was going away over the weekend.
I knew they get ripe all at once.
I knew one punnet was enough.

But I couldn't fight the "Buy One Get One Free" offer for nectarines and peaches.  So, I ended up buying a punnet each of nectarines AND peaches.
It was only Saturday that I bought them, but already by Sunday evening, the kitchen was filled with the sweet scent.
By Monday, the peaches started looking a bit wrinkly.  It was the best timing to eat them, but well, I wasn't sure if it was wise to eat five peaches at once...
So, I made them into a peach tart.

I am sure there are hundreds of peach tart/pie recipes.  I quite like this very classic tart, which is made with pâte sucrée and crème d'amandes.  The combination of sweet crust and cream goes well with almost any fruits.

I had to be sensible and not buy crème fraîche, to avoid creating any more left-overs.  However, I normally serve this kind of fruit tart with crème fraîche.  It's divine!
Sorry peaches, you did deserve some crème fraîche, I know...

Now, what should I do with five nectarines..???

~ 。~ 。~ 。~ 。~ 。~ 。







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