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Friday, 9 July 2010

Weekend in South of France- Part 1/ 南仏での週末 パート1

”We spent a long weekend in south of France”

I like the sound of it very much, but in fact our main objective was to see a dentist.  This is far from the fun impression you get from the first sentence, isn't it?
As anyone who has ever lived in London would know, finding a decent dentist in this city is a nightmare.  So we always go say Hi to my husband's parents, and visit the dentist there, who is also an acquaintance of my father-in-law.

We arrived at Nice airport around 11.30 am, and it was already really hot and humid -which is rather unusual (normally it is a dry heat).

Luckily, we finished our dentistry adventure quite quickly, though not painlessly.  I thought I deserved a  peaceful afternoon by the swimming pool...

My parents-in-law must have spent lots of time in their garden, taking care of the trees and flowers.  Lavender was in full bloom, and very pretty!  I love the scent of lavender, and it was so nice just to listen to the hum of bees.. and a butterfly or two might come to pose for the perfect shot!

We decided to eat in that night - which meant eating out in the garden, of course.  We had some champagne for an aperitif to celebrate my parents-law's 40th wedding anniversary, and also my husband's birthday.

We had chicken grilled by my father-in-law, and mother-in-law's lentil salad.  It was all very good, and tasted just like it should, in summer, in Provence.
We sat in the candle light until late, and the evening remained very warm.

It was a lovely night - apart from the fact that I got really badly bitten by a mosquito...!!

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