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Monday, 12 July 2010

Tea-tox at Brown's Hotel/ ブラウンズ・ホテルの「ティー・トックス」

Today I had a meeting at Brown's Hotel - over afternoon tea.  We were recommended to try their new afternoon tea, which is called Tea-tox.  According to the stylish card given at the table, it is "a healthy version of Brown's award-winning Traditional Afternoon Tea".

The head pastry chef at Brown's, Fabien, is a friend.  I know how good he is, and I always liked what he did for afternoon tea at Brown's. However, to be honest, I was not sure I was going to like his non-sugar added pastries...

The three tiers consisted of:
- Gluten free open-face sandwiches and savoury biscuits
- Crudités with hummus
- Sugar free pastries: apple and cucumber jelly, raspberry sorbet, chocolate cup with lemon cream and blueberries, orange almond cake with yoghurt topping, and carrot seed cake.

I must say that I was pleasantly surprised - that they were all very good!
I was sure that I would detect the artificial sweetness straight away, but it was not very easy.  My favourite was the orange cake, which was moist and rich, yet refreshing.

Since this Tea-tox just started from Sunday, we were among the first guests to try it.
If I were a tourist coming for afternoon tea at Brown's, perhaps I would have gone for the normal afternoon tea, in order to have the signature scones.  However, it was a good change, especially after the well-fed weekend in the South of France...

~  。~  。~  。~  。~  。



‐ 小麦粉不使用のパン・クラッカーによるオープン・サンドイッチ
‐ 野菜スティックと、フムス(ヒヨコマメのディップ)
‐ 砂糖不使用のケーキ類(リンゴとキュウリのゼリー、ラズベリーのソルベ、レモンクリームとブルーベリー入りのチョコカップ、オレンジとアーモンドのケーキ、ヨーグルトのクリーム、キャロット・シード・ケーキ)




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