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Saturday, 3 July 2010

Royal Opera House/ ロイヤル・オペラ・ハウス

We went to see an opera today, at the Royal Opera House in Covent Garden - which is a beautiful building.  It was a matinee performance, so I decided to take advantage of the daylight, and brought my camera.

I love the foyer - which is so airy and light.   I believe it is worth a visit, just to be inside of the building, even if you don't go for a performance.

I really love the atmosphere of this opera house.  It has the classic theatre feeling, that makes you get so excited to be inside.  Our seats were 'Amphitheatre' and the view was like this - we could see the stage pretty well, also the orchestra pit.

In the past I have taken some seats that were very close to the ceiling - like these..

I still enjoyed the performance from this height, though sometimes it was difficult to see the surtitles.  Well, since the tickets are so inexpensive for these seats, you simply cannot argue- Madame Butterfly at Royal Opera House for ten pounds..!

This time, the performance was Le Nozze di Figaro.  I am still an opera beginner, and I prefer watching something light-hearted, fun, and with tunes I know.  I think we chose the perfect performance.  It was really enjoyable, and we laughed a lot!

During the break, people go to the foyer bar and have drinks.  With the high glass ceiling, it is absolutely delightful on summer days.  While the people sitting closer to the stage enjoyed their drinks in the foyer, those of us, who were at seated higher up enjoyed looking down on them..

If you think going to a matinee performance on a nice summer day is a waste of sunshine, you should think twice - I feel that I enjoyed both the opera and the weather!

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今回の席はAmphitheatre といって、かなり高い位置でしたが、ちゃんと舞台もオーケストラ・ピットも見えました。満足。






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