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Thursday, 3 June 2010

Taste of home - part 1/ 故郷の味 Part1

I haven't updated my blog for a long time..  and it is because I was back in Japan for an event that I was involved in.  The month of May just flew away, without me noticing at all...!
My stay was rushed, as always.  I had some work to do, but of course I took advantage of the occasion and indulged myself with delicious food :)  Of course my mother spoiled me with her home-cooked food (had lovely meal with lots of bamboo shoots - very seasonal).  Other than that, during the first few days I was stuffed with Japanese sweets.  Here are just a few of them..

The pictures to the left are Dorayaki.  "Dora" means gong, and normally a dorayaki consists of two round sponges with sweet azuki (or aduki- but azuki is closer to Japanese pronunciation) bean paste sandwiched in-between.  However, this one had a twist, as instead of sandwiching two rounds, it was one folded in half.  The sponge had a distinctive brown sugar flavour which was very pleasant, and the azuki was excellent.  It was a sweet present from one of my very good friends.  I also love the packaging - very neat.

Later when the pastry chef who was involved in the event arrived from London, I recommended him to taste this dorayaki - he loved it!

This is another Japanese sweet called Uiro.  Apparently more than one region claim that this is a special delicacy of the city, but this one comes from Tokushima prefecture.  It was a gift from my father's friend.  Again, I love the presentation.  So delicate and beautiful.  There were two flavours: azuki and green tea, and the flavour was so subtle.  I think uiro is something that you enjoy for the texture and the feeling of its smoothness, more than its flavour.  I enjoyed the cool, smooth mouth feel very much, which left a light aroma of the beans or the tea.

Seeing these photos again make my mouth water - but seeing the photo of my little niece makes my heart melt...  This is my cute little niece, just turned 10 months.  I was very happy that I could spend some time with her, although I am sure she won't remember me when I see her next time.. :(
Well, I just have to see her more often!!









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