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Saturday, 5 June 2010

故郷の味 Part2/ Taste of Home Part 2










One of the many things I look forward to eating when I come back home is GOOD SUSHI.  So we went to Tsukiji, where the famous fish market is.  There are lots of nice sushi restaurants around there.

In Japan, "fatty fish" are called "glittering fish" (hikari-mono which sounds nicer in my view) - and I love them.  They are inexpensive and yummy and nutritious, what more can you ask for?
Below is the photo of sardine (iwashi) - topped with grated ginger and sliced spring onion.

It was the season for bonito (katsuo), so we ordered some.  I couldn't even remember when was the last time I was in Japan at this season.  It tasted goooood.

Here is a trio of Gunkan (the sushi wrapped in nori and made in to a oval-cylinder shape).  Small white fish (shira-uo), sea urchin (uni), and salmon roe (ikura).

Based on my own observation, (a lot of) Western people dislike having fish with its head on.  Even when it is a large fish which you eat with knife and fork, they prefer the fish to be filleted.  If they have to eat whole fish with heads..  some might freak out.  "God, they have eyes!  They are looking at me!!!"..
Oh well, but us Japanese people, we eat them.  It's our culture, and I'm proud of it..

Trust me, it's good.

I always think that sushi is beautiful.  The colours of fish flesh are just amazing.  I wish the photos came out better.
A few years ago when I was at this sushi restaurant, I was talking with one of the sushi masters and said, "Your plate of sashimi is so beautiful!".

He said,  "Not as much as you, madam"

..I wasn't quite sure if I should be flattered, to be told I was more beautiful than fish??

This sushi chef was not the same person, but was also a very cheerful and nice man.  I'm already looking forward to going back for more sushi..!

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