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Friday, 11 June 2010

The Greek Islands - Naxos / ギリシャ島めぐり‐ ナクソス島

Our final destination was Naxos, which is not too far from Santorini - about an hour on a fast ferry.  Though short, I enjoyed the speedy boat journey!
Naxos was the least touristy island of the three we visited.  I liked its relaxed feeling, and enjoyed walking among the locals.

Naxos was once ruled by the Venetians.  The outer wall, which was built by them in the 13th century was almost gone, but the inner wall was still visible.  We could still see some old buildings with family crests engraved above the doors - these families are descendants of the Venetians.

I did quite enjoy the twisting alleys that went up the hill, which really was a maze...

Something worth mentioning is the sunset (again).
We went up to where the unfinished Temple of Apollo stood, and watched the sunset with the other keen photographers.  I don't think I have ever seen the sun "dropping in the ocean" before.  Well, in my view, it was better than in Santorini..

As always, we rented a car to drive around the island.  We enjoyed our drive tremendously- the view was amazing!!  I (sort of ) gave up taking pictures, as I knew it would never come out the way we saw it.
I loved how the landscape varied so much, depending on where you were.  I especially enjoyed coming to a sudden opening, and seeing the ocean between the hills.

I don't know if many of the Greek Islands have such wonderful views of untouched nature... and if so, I don't want to know!

If you are after relaxing holidays where you see something very different from your daily life, and have great sea food,  I highly recommend Naxos :)









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