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Sunday, 27 June 2010

リージェンツ・パークのバラ園/ Rose Garden in Regents Park





こちらは素晴らしいネーミング、その名もIce Cream です。私のためにあるようなバラです^^ やっぱりこれは、バニラでしょうか。

こちらはSavoy Hotel。現在は改装中で閉まっていますが、由緒ある、古いホテルです。いかにもバラらしいバラ、って感じです。



。~  。~  。~  。~  。~  。~  。~

We went to the Rose Garden inside Regents Park today.  Since it was Sunday and the weather was wonderful, there were many people..

Some of the roses were in full bloom, and some were already fading.  Though they are all "roses", the timing of their flowering really depends on the variety.  Of course, not only the timing was different from variety to variety, but also the size of the flower, the way the flower opens, and the length of the stems.

Below are some of the roses that I liked... 

This one is called Perception.  I wonder why it is named as such??  It was a lovely rose, and the colour changes as the flower blooms.  These two pictures are both of Perception.

This one is called Nostalgia.  I quite liked this one - the red & white ratio varied a lot depending on the flower.   Another one that makes you wonder why 'Nostalgia'..  Hmmm..

I love the name of this variety - it's ICE CREAM!  This has to be MY rose ;)  I suppose this is vanilla ice cream...

This is called Savoy Hotel.  The "real" Savoy Hotel is currently closed for refurbishment, and is due to open this year.  I like the classic look of this rose, and its "rose pink"...

The garden was really full of roses - as far as your eyes can see!  The air was filled with the lovely scent of roses.. it was an indulgent feeling, breathing the beautifully perfumed air in the garden..

There were quite a few people sunbathing in the park.  Some were in their swimming suits..  well, common in London, but not where I come from. 
I was regretting that I didn't bring my hat to avoid the harsh sun - so could hardly believe that these people could stay out in the sun for such a long time!  Me?  I'd melt...

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