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Tuesday, 8 June 2010

ギリシャ島めぐり サントリーニ島/ The Greek Islands: Santorini



宿泊したのはイア(Oia) という小さな町でしたが、どこを切り取っても絵葉書になりそうな景色でした。





We took a ferry from Rhodes to Santorini.  It was an overnight trip, and we were awakened whenever the boat stopped at an island (it stopped 4-5 times..).  Each time, they made an announcement that woke everyone up.  However, it was a fantastic feeling to wake up in the middle of the ocean.

We decided to go to Santorini because..  well, because everyone goes, and they say it is THE Greek island that you imagine, when you hear the word "Greek island".  I can see why..

We stayed in a small town called Oia, which is at the tip of the northern end.  It has a  postcard-view, which is just blue and white and blue and white..  The sky, the ocean, the houses, the domes, the waves..
I can understand why the Greek flag is blue and white!  

They say that the sunset in Oia is the "most beautiful sunset in the world".  Great PR.  Even those who stay in other places on the island come to Oia around the time of sunset.  They all walk towards the high point, or try to get a seat at restaurants with balcony.  Well, we were no exception..  however, we were lucky to have a quiet private balcony at our hotel.

I think the scenery is the thing on this island.  It was breathtakingly beautiful!
However, I was a bit disappointed that the place was extremely touristy.  Apparently in July and August, cruise ships come and pour out as many as 50,000 tourists daily on the island!  The population is normally 13,400 (based on Wiki article, 2001 statistics), so you can imagine the mayhem..
Perhaps the concentration of hotels and restaurants on Oia and Fira is another reason why we got the impression of seeing too many tourists.  We rented a car, and drove around the island one day, and that was a good idea - we managed to see something quite different..

I spoke with one local, and he said the best season was end of September to October.  There aren't too many tourists and the sunset is the best at that season.
So, if you are thinking of going to Santorini, do go in autumn!


  1. Santorini is beautiful!!