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Tuesday, 15 June 2010

ネクタリンのジャム/ Nectarine jam

Home Ripening と書いてある、5個入りのパックです。まだ完熟ではなく、家でしばらくおいておいて、熟させてから食べます。








I bought some "home ripening" nectarines the other day.  It was the first time this season.

Despite their sweet fragrance..  they weren't very good... disappointingly.  
So, I decided to make them into jam (as I normally do with so-so fruits).

I decided to follow my pâtissier friend Fabien's method this time: to cook for a short time with less sugar, and add pectin to thicken the jam.  
I weighed the fruits, removing the stone (pit?  I never know), and added the sugar, which was about 35% of the weight of nectarines.  I knew I was going to eat the jam within a few days, so did not add much (normally I would add around 50%).  

While cooking, the smell of nectarine that filled the flat was just heavenly...

I had to blitz the jam a bit, as the fruit was quite firm.  To finish, I added a squeeze of lemon.

I could tell that the smell of the jam was fresher than my usual cook-to-105c method.  Holding the jam jar up to my nose and taking a deep breath.. made me smile.  It was great with toast too, perfect for summer breakfast.

I call it aromatherapy à la sakura :)

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