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Saturday, 17 April 2010

ロンドン桜めぐり/ cherry blossoms in Kensington












I grew up in Tokyo, and for me, "Cherry Blossom" was equivalent to Someiyoshino, the most common cherry blossom in the Kanto area.
However in London , there are so many different kinds.  Here are some of the photos of sakura that I took during the week.

These are lovely, small white blossoms that I found in Kensington Gardens.  They have round petals that remind me of plum blossoms.

The timing was perfect - in full bloom!  The tree looks so graceful and beautiful with the white veil, and it is a pure delight to see these flowers, every year in April.  Normally the flowers last for at least a week.

Another white blossom.  I am guessing that these might be Shirotae - but I am not sure.  I found this tree near Holland Park, stretching out from the garden of a private house.

This was a tree in the Japanese Garden inside Holland Park.  I think this could be Someiyoshino.  There is a pond with carp and a small waterfall inside this garden.  Very pretty and pleasant.

Small magnolia behind the Japanese style stone lantern..  Looking at this photo, it is almost difficult to believe that it was taken in London!  

These must be Ukon - which means turmeric, or the yellow colour that comes from the dye made from turmeric.  The tree stands by a university building near High Street Kensington.  It's got a pretty shade of lemon yellow, which is quite unique for cherry blossoms.  Apparently it is popular in the West, and you don't see a lot in Japan.

Not cherry blossoms - but beautiful white magnolia.  I think white ones are quite rare in London...

...and a squirrel by the trunk of the tree.
There are almost too many squirrels in the park, and I normally don't bother taking photos of them, but this one looked cute and funny, so I took a picture.

It was a rather pleasant week with some days of sunshine, and the weekend was absolutely wonderful.  So sunny and warm.  
I wish it would be like this throughout spring and summer .. but yes, of course I know, it's London.. that is waaaay too much to ask for!!

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