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Sunday, 25 April 2010

Bread Pudding/ 朝ごはんにパン・プディング

Don't they always say that if you are eating something sweet and high-calorie, it better be in the morning, because you will burn the calories during the day?  So, that makes breakfast the best time to have desserts!  Well, this morning I made bread pudding - and I consider bread pudding to be more of a breakfast than a dessert...  not sure if it's a common idea though...

In my mind, bread pudding is categorised as the twin sister of French toast.  Recently I was exchanging some e-mails with a friend of mine in Japan, and I think what she wrote summarises the advantage of  bread pudding over French toast: "it's good that you don't have to fry the bread slices one-by-one, but you can bake  it all at once".

I call mine "bread pudding" rather than the English "bread and butter pudding", as I don't use toast bread, and don't butter it.  I think it is close to the French "pain perdu"- but not exactly..

Here's my bread pudding recipe:

Baguette  about 20cm, cut in 2.5cm thickness
Eggs  2
Milk  250ml
Sugar  50g
Raisins  a handful
Butter  10g

  1. Butter a heat-proof dish that can hold all the bread pieces without piling up on each other.
  2. Heat the milk, and dissolve sugar.  Cool it down slightly (so that the eggs don't coagulate when mixed!)
  3. Whisk the eggs in a bowl, and add the milk.  
  4. Sprinkle some raisins in the dish, place the bread pieces on top of them, and pour the custard mixture over.  Let it sit for about 40min. (photo: at the beginning of soaking)  
  5. Pre-heat the oven to 170c.  Dot with small pieces of butter, and bake for 30-40min.
  6. Serve warm with icing sugar, honey, cinnamon sugar or maple syrup!
Some tips and hints - I made it with half milk and half single cream.  I often have some left-over cream from cooking, so it is a good way of using up cream (if you are like me).  It also is a great way to use a day-old baguette.  I sometimes freeze some small leftover pieces, and make bread pudding over the weekend.

Cutting the bread too thickly will result in rather "bready" pudding, not soaked through with custard- so I recommend not thicker than 3cm.  I often poke the bread with fork, and flip over a couple of times while soaking.
I added some raisins to give a bit of texture - but of course if you are not very fond of raisins, you don't have to (I added some apricots too in the photo).  I am thinking of trying with some sliced almond next time, to give some crunch.. hmmm.

I hope you enjoy - guilt-free desser.. no, breakfast ;)







バゲット 2.5cmほどにスライスしたもの、合計20cmぶんくらい
卵 2個
牛乳 250ml
砂糖 50g
レーズン 手のひらに小盛り
バター 10g
  1. パンを重ならないように並べられる大きさの耐熱皿にバターを塗る。
  2. 牛乳を温め、砂糖を溶かす。卵が固まらないくらいの温度まで冷ましたら、小さめのボウルで卵とよく混ぜる。
  3. 耐熱皿にレーズンを散らしいれ、パンを並べたら、卵液を上から注ぐ。40分ほど置いて、よくしみこませる(写真は卵液を注いだばかりのものです)
  4. オーブンを170度に余熱する。上にバターを散らしてのせ、30-40分焼く。
  5. 温かいうちに、粉砂糖、ハチミツ、シナモンシュガー、メープルシロップなどをかけて平らげる。



というわけで、砂糖・カロリーとも、朝にぴったり! なパン・プディング、ぜひお楽しみくださいませ。

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