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Thursday, 25 March 2010

12 hours in Paris: The Sugar-High Tour/ 12時間限定:甘いパリ Part 2

..After our break, we crossed over to Ile de la Cité, and stopped at Notre Dame Cathedral.  The beautiful rose window was shining brilliantly - There was a perfect sun at that moment.

We then walked over to Pain du Sucre.  This is a place  that was opened by the two chef/ pâtissiers who used to work for Pierre Ganière.
I picked up some macarons for my friend in London, bought a couple for myself too, and chose a mousse cake for take-away.  I am normally not a huge fan of mousses, but their cakes all looked very interesting.

(Right photo - baba au rhum with a syringe with rhum syrup..!)
What amused us was the store staff.  He was first just normal "Parisien" guy - basically, not overly service-oriented.  However, when he noticed that we were carrying a bag from Carl Marletti, he said "Oh, are you having a gastronomic tour in Paris?  It is really a nice shop there, isn't it?" and his attitude changed- became so much more friendly and smiling.  We were proud to be considered "fellow foodies"!

After this, we went to MORA, where they sell all sorts of cooking utensils.  I got a few odds and ends, baking tins and a cutter, etc, while it rained like crazy outside.  We could even hear the thunder rolling.

After a brief stop at Starbucks (increasing in Paris.. where we had the mousse cake- which was VERY nice), we headed over to our final destination, Terminus Nord.  It is a brasserie located very conveniently in front of Gare du Nord.  We had booked a table from London, and got a comfortable seat before the restaurant started getting busy.  We ordered a seafood platter- which looked like this..

To be quite honest, the best, or the only good thing on the platter was the oysters (other shellfish was over-boiled and too chewy).  I think we'll go back, since the atmosphere and the service were good, but we'll just order oysters and not other seafood next time.  Well, it still looked quite picturesque, I guess.
Since we only ordered the platter, we felt like we had a rather light dinner.. and justified our total calorie intake of the day.  Or not.

So we went back to London, full and tired and happy, on the Eurostar.. after a busy, but a sugar and excitement filled 12 hours in Paris!!
I'd do it again with a different theme next time - like a salon de thé tour, or a boulangerie tour.. ;)









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