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Thursday, 25 March 2010

12 hours in Paris: The Sugar-High Tour/ 12時間限定:甘いパリ Part 1

We made a day trip to Paris.  Our Eurostar from London departed at 5.15, and arrived Paris at 8.50.  Since our train back to London was leaving Paris at 9.15pm, we literally had 12 hours in Paris.  So, how did we spend our precious 12 hours in Paris?  We had  Le tour gourmand et sucré..  not for the faint hearted!

We began at Plaza Athenée, one of Paris's most prestigious hotels. Our aim was their breakfast.  Although we had to get up at 4am, catching the earliest Eurostar makes it possible to take breakfast in Paris.

The above photo is their bread basket- all baked under the direction of Christophe Michalak, the winner of the world pâtisserie competition in 2005.  The viennoiseries were especially good.  Buttery and rich, but flaky and light.  I felt like I could eat these forever..
However, we were a little let-down with coffee: when will French people stop using UHT milk for their cafe creme??  (however, the coffee itself was very good!)

What I loved as much as the viennoseries and the grandeur of the room, was the friendly service.  Staff were not snobbish or arrogant at all.  One gentleman even gave us two breakfast-size jars of honey, saying they were the best honey in the world, that we should take them back home.  I thought it was really sweet!

We then headed over to the 7th - and went to a newly opened patisserie, run by Philippe Conticini.
It is called "La Pâtisserie des Rêves", and it really was a beautiful shop.  I loved the display, even though it was a bit too modern and designed in a way - it was like a jewellery shop, where you see most of the creations through glass cases.  Well, the pastries were as beautiful as jewellery.

We purchased a madeleine (hint of lemon and lots of vanilla) and tarte tatin (apple & pear), which were both good.  Then, after a brief stop at the Grande Epicerie at Bon Marche, we moved on to our next destination, Carl Marletti.

The Eiffel Tower window display was beautiful, and the pastries were too...  As the staff explained the numerous patisseries displayed in front of us, of course I felt like buying all of them!  However I decided to be realistic, and chose just two: Praline Millefeuille and Lemon Tart.

We were lucky that the rain stopped soon after we left Carl Marletti.  We took a long walk along rue Mouffetard, where there are countless restaurants and food shops, and by the time we got to the Seine, the sun was shining brightly.
We took a break at a small park, and enjoyed our Millefeuille and Lemon Tart - in a civilised way.  Yes, I brought some napkins, bottles of water, wet tissue and forks...
(to be continued)


ロンドン- パリ間は2時間半ちょっと。5時15分の列車でロンドンを発ち、パリに到着したのは8時50分でした。パリから戻る列車は夜の9時15分発だったので、約12時間のパリ滞在です。









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