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Monday, 15 March 2010

(Japanese style)Fruit cake/ 日本式?フルーツケーキ

I baked three tins of fruit cake last week.  This one has been "matured" for about 6 days now, and the recipe book says I can keep it for 2-3 weeks.

The recipe is from a Japanese cake book, and the pastry chef who wrote it once commented that this is a "Japanese style butter cake" - which has a light, fluffy, soft texture, rather than moist and dense texture of traditional butter cakes (and let me add this - I DO like the traditional, rather heavy fruit cakes too).

When I made this cake for the first time, it was slightly shocking, as the outcome really was so different from the "normal" butter cakes that I have been baking.  The instructions are very different - for example, you need to mix the dough well, even after adding the flour, which is unusual for butter cake recipes.

The flavour is very nice. The author tells you to soak raisins in rum for a week, and dried prunes in hot tea.  Together with these, roasted chopped walnuts, dried apricots and candied orange peel (home-made!) are mixed.  When the cake is baked, it is brushed with lots of rum-syrup (I used an aged Nicaraguan rum called "Abuelo"), to keep the cake moist and to add flavour.  It's not for kids..

So, what happened to the two other cakes?  They should be on their way to my sister's flat by now.. the reason why I chose a long shelf-life cake.  I hope my family enjoys the British-born fruit cake a la Japonaise.







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