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Friday, 15 April 2011

Our way of celebrating/ 結婚5周年ディナー...

I can hardly believe it, but yes, it is true.
We have been married for five years today.

So, we decided to treat ourselves to a good dinner to celebrate.


(Note the small round thing in the middle - an eyeball.  No, we didn't eat it)

Maybe this photo without the eye looks more appetising...?

It was yummy!  The restaurant is called C&R, in Westbourne.  The place is always busy with Malaysian people, and we have been there so many times.

We like fine dining too - but this was a perfect way for us to celebrate the occasion.  Who else but family and close friends do you want to share a hot pot, lick fingers and suck fish bones with?

We finished off our evening with our favourite gelato, at Oddono's :)




フィッシュ・ヘッド・カレー を食べに♪


こっちの鍋の写真のほうがいいかもしれませんね... →

とっても美味しかった! オクラ、トマト、ナスが一杯入って、かなり辛くて。
C&R というお店で、いつもマレーシア人のお客さんで一杯です。私たちはもう何度も行っている、お気に入りのお店です。


そして、デザートにはジェラート屋さんのOddono's に寄ってきました ^^ おいしかった~

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