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Monday, 1 February 2010

Apple Jam/ リンゴジャム

I read once that Britain has got 3,000 varieties of apples.  
At supermarkets, however, you won't find that many kinds- nonetheless, most of the apples I see in the UK are not common in Japan: Cox, Braeburn, Spartan, Empire, Royal Gala, Pink Lady, Egremont Russet..  

I think my favourite apple in the UK is Cox.  Although it tends to get soft quickly, I love the flavour.  It's got a nice balance of sweetness and acidity.
The other day, I found that one of the Cox apples that I had recently bought got a bit soft, so decided to make it into apple jam.

As an experiment, I decided to add Egremont Russet too.  Egremont Russet has a skin that almost looks like Japanese pear.

This is how I make my apple jam..  I chopped three apples (2 E.R and 1 Cox), tossed in sugar (half of the weight of apples), squeezed some lemon juice (and add in the lemon too- best if it's organic), and broke a cinnamon stick, and left like that for about 20min.

Water (or apple juice) starts appearing, so you don't need to cover the apples with any extra water.  Then I put the pan on the hob, brought to a boil, reduced heat, and removed the scum that naturally forms on the surface as much as possible.

I cooked until the juice was nearly gone, for about five minutes.   If you like a puree texture, you can mash the flesh with a wooden spoon, but if you like the bits, just like in apple pies, you can leave it like that.  This texture normally depends on what kind of apple you use: both Cox and E.R seem to retain the shape and crunch.  Finally, I removed the lemon and cinnamon stick, and poured it in a sterilised jar.  To sterilise the jar, I washed an empty jar first, then put it into a cold oven, and heated it to 150c and left it for a few minutes.

Using half the weight of apples worth of sugar is not enough to preserve the fruit very long - though this jam will still taste quite sweet.  For this reason, I don't try to keep this jam too long.  It's good with toast, but I think I will enjoy it the most with yoghurt.  Yum.



私のお気に入りは、コックス(正確にはCox's Orange Pipin)。買って数日で、実が柔らかくなってしまうのが難点ですが、酸味と甘みのバランスが良くて、緑色と赤の野生的な色合いもかわいらしく、よく食べます。手のひらに収まるほどの小さいものもあり、おやつに食べるのにちょうどいい大きさです。






  1. Dear Miho,
    Thanks for your recipe of apple jam. I feel like trying it!! When I do, I'll let you know. Hope life is good. Miss you!

  2. Hi Jess!
    I know you are not a big fan of apples, so I think I can be proud that I made you want to make apple jam! Life is good here- I even saw blue sky today ;)