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Wednesday, 10 February 2010

Tea at Dorchester Hotel/ ドーチェスター・ホテルでアフタヌーン・ティー

I went to the Dorchester Hotel today for.. another afternoon tea with Momo.  This was the final place on our list (for the time being).

Afternoon tea is served in a lounge area called the Promenade.  It had a luxurious and elegant atmosphere.  As we walked in, a pianist was gently playing the piano, and we were seated at a table not too far from him.

At Dorchester, they first bring the sandwiches on a tray, and serve you the ones you choose (or all of them).  After the sandwiches, pre-dessert was brought in.  Panacotta with raspberry jelly.  Momo said that the jelly was not set with gelatine, but with pectin.  The kind of thing you learn when you have tea with a pastry chef..

After that, scones and pastries arrived.
Scones were served with clotted cream and two home-made jams: black currant and strawberry.  I quite liked the tang of the black currant jam.

The selection of cakes- two chocolate based ones (praline & caramel, and choc sponge with cherry jelly), "bomb" of black currant and black cherry, rhubarb crumble tart and pistachio sponge with raspberry.  The shockingly red stuff is raspberry powder.  The friendly waiter who was amused with our enthusiasm told us that the raspberry powder was especially made in the hotel kitchen.  We thought the "bomb" was very creative - "Hmm, I think I want to steal this idea" was Momo's comment..

We enjoyed the atmosphere, the music, the tea and the pastries, ...and when we realised, all the tea guests were gone, and people around us were having drinks and dinner...

So, in the past few weeks, I have tried as many as six different hotels' afternoon tea.  I can't say which hotel's is my top favourite.  But one thing is for sure - now I want to try even more afternoon teas...!
I better watch my bank account and my waist line..







特に球体のケーキは視覚的にインパクトありました。Momo なんて、「うちのホテルでもこれ作ろうかな」なんて言っていました。



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