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Sunday, 7 February 2010

フェルナンデス&ウェルズ/ Fernandez & Wells

先日、取材でFernandez & Wells というお店に行きました。

オーナーは、フェルナンデスさんとウェルズさん。フェルナンデスさんは、もともと Monmouth Coffee で働いていたということです。

こちらはカフェラテ →


Stump というのは木の切り株などを意味する言葉で、あまり深くないカップでサーブすることからつけた名前とか。


ほんとに、いいお店を見つけました!取材できてよかったわー ^^


I went to a café called Fernandez & Wells the other day, to write an article about them.
Their coffee was SOOOOO good.. that.. I went back again today.

The owners of the café are Mr Fernandez and Mr Wells.  Apparently, Mr Fernandez used to work for Monmouth Coffee - that Monmouth.    I love Monmouth's coffee too.  

This is their Caffe Latte. →
Delicate foam on the top, deep aroma of coffee and tender sweetness of the full-fat milk.  It was really good.

This one is called Stumpy.

They named it Stumpy, as it is served in a short glass.  They use almost the same quantity of milk to espresso, so the flavour of coffee is more intense than in the  Latte.  The coffee is pretty strong.. but not bitter.  I loved the harmony of the flavours.

This place really is a gem!  I am glad that I was given this assignment :)
I do appreciate that there are now chain-operated coffee shops everywhere, as it is very convenient when you want a quick shot.  But of course, I am more attracted to independent coffee shops that are unique (especially when they serve such good coffee!)
Fernandez & Wells also have a wine bar just next door.  I'm looking forward to try that one too..

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