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Saturday, 28 August 2010

The end of summer, beginning of autumn/夏の終わり、秋の始まり

I have kept on buying peaches and strawberries, telling myself that these are the last of this season - since end of July...  Well, finally I did stop buying them, and over the weekend, I bought my last nectarines of the season.
When I buy the "last batch", I often make them into a jam- so that  I can still enjoy the season's flavour, even when the actual fruits are gone from the shelves.  So I made some nectarine conserve this time.

Following my jam recipe book, Jams & Chutneys, I chopped up the nectarines and covered them with sugar over-night.  This way, the fruit gets "cooked" in sugar, and you don't need to cook in heat for a very long time.
I love the refreshing smell of this conserve - it really is like capturing the last bit of summer in a jar.  And the colour is beautiful too.  It reminded me of rose petal jam.

Having said my good-byes to nectarines and peaches, I welcomed greengages and English plums.

I think greengages are my favourite plums.  It is unbelievably green, but so sweet.  I fell in love with this fruit when I was living in Paris.  I must have seen them in the UK too, but they never seem to have caught my attention.  In France, it is called Reine Claude - Queen Claude, which is apparently the name of a Duchess of Brittany from the 16th century (wiki).

These plums make lovely jam too!
I already know that there will be some jars of English plum jam and greengage jam in our cupboard, by the time I start wearing my warm long boots...

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私の持っている Jams & Chutneys という本にしたがって作ったのですが、まず、1cm角に刻んだネクタリンを、砂糖漬けにして一晩置きます。


(註:Conserve は辞書によれば「砂糖や塩漬けなどにして保存できるようにした食品」です。私のレシピ本では、いわゆる「ジャム」 と、砂糖を控え目にした「プリザーブ」と、最初に砂糖漬けにする「コンサーブ」とで、名称を分けているようです)






  1. Dear Sakura Asakura,
    Today I went to buy fresh fruits in a nearby market and found the Reine Claude plum. I remembered your blog and bought it. Wonderful! It's indeed very sweet and refreshing. I'm telling you this as a pregnant mother seeking for freshness and vitamins :) Thanks for your advice!

  2. Thanks for the comment Jess!
    I miss those marche... that was where I first found Reine Claude! You can really eat them like candies, and they are so much nicer than candies! Ah, I am craving for more...