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Sunday, 22 August 2010

Baking experiment- ground cashew nuts/実験・カシューナッツ・プードル

I have been pretty busy lately, and haven't found much time for baking.
When I finally found some time, I wanted to try something new...  and I came up with the idea of making apricot cake using ground cashew nuts, instead of ground almond.

I've always liked almond, and never missed it from my cupboard.  Sometimes I have whole almond, sliced almond, ground almond and salted roasted almond... and occasionally, almond butter too.
Cashew nuts are rather a new regular in my cupboard; I started stocking them when I began making my own granola.  I am fond of its the sweet flavour and buttery crunch, and wondered how it would come out if I baked it in a cake.  Would it be any different from using almond?

The result - almond works better....
I think there is a reason why ground almond is widely available, while ground cashew isn't.
It was not bad at all, and it did have the nice sweet flavour, which is characteristic of cashew nuts.  I think it made the cake more moist than almond does.
But... simply, I preferred the same recipe with almond, as it gives a finer texture and more subtle flavour that seems to marry better with other ingredients.

Oh well, I think the experiment itself was the most fun bit, and I think I cared less about the outcome anyway.  I am still happy that I tried it, and I think I did learn something.

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結果 ― ...アーモンドのほうがやっぱりおいしい。



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