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Friday, 26 November 2010

Lunch at Launceston Place/ ローンストン・プレイスでランチ

I went to Launceston Place with my friend Momo today.  We had a reason to celebrate - she left her job, and what is even more, already found a new job!  So, it was a happy occasion.

I have passed this place countless times, but it was the first time I actually stepped inside.  I liked the décor, and was happy to take a seat by the window, where we had the perfect light from outside.
We started with these cheerful chips - or crisps..

We enjoyed some home-baked bread that came with pickled herring.  And soon, our starters arrived - I had beetroot risotto and beef carpaccio with wild garlic foam.  I liked the presentation.

Never knew that a bone would be like this after cooking.. I wonder what part this is??

Then the main: I had pheasant with chestnuts.  I was expecting a bit more substantial quantity of chestnut, but still, it was a very good dish.
Momo chose monkfish, which she said was good too.

.. and of course, we could NOT miss the dessert.
Momo had a treacle tart, and I had rice pudding, served with caramel ice cream and marmalade.

We were both a bit disappointed - why do these wonderful restaurants  not put as much effort into desserts, as they do the mains & starters?
Momo's treacle tart was too dry and crumbly, and the ice cream that came with my rice pudding had a very strange texture...  (though I quite liked the rice pudding itself).

Anyway - we enjoyed our lunch, and enjoyed our chat, as we always do.
Momo said she makes a much nicer treacle tart, so I asked for her recipe.
It is now added to my "to bake" list...  I'm looking forward to trying it :)

。◎ 。◎ 。◎ 。◎ 。◎ 。

今日はLaunceston Place というレストランで友人のMomo とお昼を頂いてきました。

ということで、お祝いランチです ♪





Momo はアンコウを頼みました。こちらもおいしそうです。

Momo はトリークルタルト(糖蜜のタルト)、私はライスプディングにしました。ライスプディングと言っても、クリームでお米を煮込んだようなものです。マーマレードと、キャラメルのアイスクリームが添えられてきました。

Momo のタルトはぱさついていて、私のアイスクリームはザラついてました(ライスプディングそのものは悪くなかったのですが)。

Momo が、「私の作るトリークル・タルトのほうが断然おいしい!」というので、レシピをもらいました。

楽しみ~ ^^

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